[Linux-exynos] Mainline u-boot and kernel serial console

Marko Katić dromede at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 21:59:22 CET 2014

Greetings everybody,

Has anyone tried running mainline u-boot on an XE303C12?

I recently followed this page:


And now i got a five pin female header sticking out of my 3G slot giving me
access to the ttyS3 and the EC serial.

Now i would like to try to flash mainline u-boot. But i know that this is a
bit risky, has anyone tried this before? What are my options if i flash it
and it fails to start for some reason? Can we flash u-boot (SPI flash that
is) via the EC console?

As i said before, i've got ttyS3 output  from the 5250. But this will only
output u-boot messages. I would like to see linux serial console output on
ttyS3, has anyone tried this before? I suspect that dt files will need to
be modified for this to work, correct?
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