[Linux-exynos] Kernel for Snow XE303C12 board?

Merlijn Wajer merlijn at wizzup.org
Wed Feb 18 17:10:20 CET 2015

Hi Michal,

On 18/02/15 16:58, Michal Suchanek wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to boot mainline kernel on the Snow board.
> I built mainline u-boot and it is loaded by the RO u-boot.
> I checked out Linus master, built exynos_defconfig and copied the
> zImage and snow dtb to a partition on the emmc together with a boot
> script that loads them.
> The kernel loads and I get a black screen. There are no logs created
> on the root so init does not run.
> Is there something special required in the boot script?
> Maybe I should also include a pause so I can check the dtb actually
> loaded and there is no typo.
> Is the exynos_defconfig supposed to work or does it enable broken/not
> enable required options?
> Is Linus master supposed to work or do I need some extra patches?
> Thanks
> Michal

Current Linus master lacks some important components, so linux-next is
recommended, for now.

My recommendation would be to have a look at this guide:


Note that it is for a slightly different model, but the instructions are
mostly the same. You just need a different DTS. You can either use the
dp-integ branch mentioned there, or linux-next from kernel.org.

Typically it's easier to append the dts to the zImage, as done in the
guide. For testing it's also recommended to use nv u-boot rather than
the "provided" u-boot.

I'm recently build linux-next for my snow (a few days ago), and there is
an issue with loading the firmware for wifi (which can be fixed), but
I'll touch on that (either by mail or on the wiki) once you have
something that boots.

Personally, I also type in the commands manually in nv u-boot.

Alternatively, also check out our IRC channel.


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