[Linux-exynos] Kernel for Snow XE303C12 board?

Merlijn Wajer merlijn at wizzup.org
Thu Feb 19 13:31:13 CET 2015


On 19/02/15 13:07, Michal Suchanek wrote:
> On 18 February 2015 at 17:10, Merlijn Wajer <merlijn at wizzup.org> wrote:
> It does not work either. Or something that has next in the name and
> can be found at kernel.org, anyway.

This tree should work, at least boot and give display:

It worked for me on snow last time I tried it (about a week ago)

>> My recommendation would be to have a look at this guide:
>> http://linux-exynos.org/wiki/Samsung_Chromebook_2_XE503C12/Mainline_Linux_Kernel
>> Note that it is for a slightly different model, but the instructions are
>> mostly the same. You just need a different DTS. You can either use the
>> dp-integ branch mentioned there, or linux-next from kernel.org.
> With dp-integ branch I get display (and keyboard) and then the kernel
> locks up waiting for mmc to get detected which never happens. I guess
> I can try an USB stick or something.

Weird, that worked for me. But linux-next should have most of this.

>> Typically it's easier to append the dts to the zImage, as done in the
> Booting zImage + DT I need no extra step - just cp. Also in case I
> used the built kernel on multiple devices I can copy all built dtb
> files and just make a symlink on each device which determines what dt
> is actually loaded.

Yes, except where bad load addresses or other misconfiguration can cause
the dts to be overridden, resulting in weird errors. That's why I
personally usually just append it.

>> guide. For testing it's also recommended to use nv u-boot rather than
>> the "provided" u-boot.
> I know no way to rid myself of the "provided" u-boot. AFAIK the board
> is set to boot from the onboard flash which is readonly. Supposedly
> you can take apart the case and doing so you break the read-protect
> connection. However, since there is no documented way of booting from
> other media in the case you write a new u-boot to the flash memory and
> it does not work it is probably not good idea to try it.

nv u-boot can be chainloaded from the provided u-boot, requiring no
changes to the 'provided' u-boot:


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