[Linux-exynos] garbled message

bruce m beach brucembeach at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 19:47:20 CET 2015

>> (^ that was the most unstructured and impatient irc posting I've seen... ;))

The truth is I've never used Irc before and find it
really scary. Sorry: I cut and pasted a number of lines
and it seems half of them didn't transmit.

I'll try it this way on the mailing list. Here's
what I wrote:

"hello Wizzup I noticed that on
 the Support table you have  USB3=?. I don't know
 whether it means whether the the higher speed usb3 is
 unknown to work or whether it refers to whether the
 port works at all, but as for whether the port working,
 I can say yes since right now I've got a hub stuck in
 it and connected to the hub I have my mouse and an
 internet dongle connected to it.  Also I'm on the web
 right now with the dongle. The Snow is my only machine
 and ever since I got linux-next booted I have been
 using that kernel exclusively. Lots of things arent't
 working but tons and tons of things are working

>> <Wizzup> bmbeach: I don't know if you read the logs,
>> but cool, happy that it works for you

Thanks for the message. Yes I do read the logs every
morning. Sound and wi-fi are not currently working for
me but I am not concerned at the moment since the major
hurdle in a long chain of things was to get a decent
kernel to boot. That being accomplished I now want to
spend the next month or two on flashing the SPI chip.
If that happens then I've accomplished my goal which is
to remove every vestige of the ChromeOs and replace it
with completely stock linux components.


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